Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring is Here!

Well Spring officially arrived last week, but due to warm temperatures we have been quite busy around around our place.  Here's an update on what's been going on.

The new knock-out rose transplants are all doing well and all the peony roots have shoots that have emerged into small plants.  The daffodils are about through with their show. The Spanish blue bells and allium have emerged, but not blooming.  The garlic I planted last fall is up and doing great. The purple coneflower rootings have sprouted. The daisy transplants are doing well. Returning herbs are parsley and thyme. I'm amazed that they survived the drought and came back.

Spring Garden - Asparagus (up and looks great / some are bigger around than a fat finger), Peas (climbing and bush - both blooming now and have small pods), Carrots (small but sprouted), radishes (small), leeks (sprouted), beets (sprouted), lettuces (seeds - mixed gourmet blend, romaine, Bib), cabbage transplants are doing well, cauliflower transplants (puny - not looking as good as cabbage), turnips (spouted - lots of green tops), spinach (sprouted), kale (dwarf and red; both have sprouted); potatoes (greens tops are coming through), yellow and red onion slips, and chives (seeds and tranplants).  **Will share new idea for growing potatoes in tomato cages soon.  I am hoping this will be a nice alternative -since Texas clay soil is more challenging for this vegetable. 

Early Summer Garden - 10 tomato transplants, Corn transplants (Kandy Korn), Corn (Kandy Korn seeds in /not sprouted), green beans (bush and pole / some seeds have sprouted as of today), lima bush beans (not sprouted) crowder peas (not sprouted yet), pickling cucumbers (transplants), salad cucumbers (transplants), dill transplant, oregano transplant, parsley transplant, Korean scallions (from a friend and some from Vietnamese ccommunity garden in downtown Dallas), grapes (new transplants), summer squash transplants (zucchini, pity pan, yellow),  summer squash by seed (pity pan, zucchini and pity pan), sweet bell pepper transplants, and chili peppers transplants (Serrano and jalapeno).

I might have forgotten something, but the list gives you and idea of the variety we have to date.  When it is in the 80's pretty consistently, I will plant melons, okra, and zinnias -- maybe more. 

A few pics of the progress. Some of these were taken earlier in March. 

Peas climbing up a trellis
Bush Peas, Chard, Lettuces, Kale, Cabbage, Arugula, etc.

Pole Beans transplants.

A new variety of daffodils for my garden this year.

A new peach tree (Belle of Georgia)

My asparagus looks great!!  I'll enjoy this next year when it's 3 years old!!

A 4-6 inch rain headed out way last week.

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