Thursday, May 3, 2012

Garden Update

April was a busy month at my house.  It turned out to be a warm month as well.  Everything seems to be about 2-3 weeks ahead of last year.  Since we had such a warm winter, apparently the bugs just rested and are now out in full force!   I have declared war on squash bugs and hope to keep them at bay long enough to get a good harvest this summer!  I have been planting, weeding, fertilizing, putting soaker hoses between rows, looking for squash bugs and/or their eggs, and mulching, mulching, mulching, etc.  Of course I have had some help along the way - Thank you James, Brody, Alicia, Brody, Hadley,Jackson and Taylor for any and all assistance you have provided!

April - Corn Rows

Corn Rows May 1

Summer Squash Early April / Pinto Bean Seeds planted. The cattle
panel behind the squash has two grape plants (red and green) and
more pole beans growing on it.  

May 1 - Summer Squash and Pinto Beans Sprouted
May 1 Summer Squash harvest!

Cabbage in the background last month

May 1 - Cabbage Heads

April - Bush Beans and Eggplant Row

May 1 - Bush Beans and Eggplant Row

Pole Beans planted in March are coming along nicely and will
hopefully cover the trellis. 

Cattle Panels and T-Posts should work fine for my cucumbers.
These are pickling cucumbers and they  were planted in April.

The compost bin is always a popular place for my hens! The get to roam
the pasture for a few hours each night and love to peck and scratch through
compost, grass, pastures, etc., but especially love bugs and worms!

I snuck in on them with my camera after they were settled for the night.
They were trying to rest/roost after roaming about that evening!