Friday, May 4, 2012


This year I decided to try a new way to plant potatoes.  Since my garden plot was part of my back yard 2 short years ago, my soil is still mostly a heavy clay mix. I'm adding compost as I can.  With that said, after doing some research on-line, I decided that instead of digging a deep trench for potatoes this year I would plant mine at ground level and keep covering them with soil/compost.   It's not time to harvest yet, but I'm looking forward to peeking inside soon.  The pictures below will explain the process. 

February - Potato seeds prepared to plant.  Eyes have developed and I dusted
 in sulphur to  protect from disease. Seeds were purchased at Calloway's
Nursery in Plano.

Potato "seeds" placed in a shallow hole. tomato cage put in place.

Row of Potatoes being prepared

I lined the tomato cages with a weed prevention material (allows
sunlight and air to enter , while also keeping dirt in place). Chicken wire added
to help support weight of soil and hold in place. As potato plants develop green tops,
I add more compost on top until we reach the top. Picture taken in mid April.

Potato row as of May 1.  Healthy green leaves peeking out the tops and sides
of most of my cages.  Hopefully the plants will develop nice potatoes in the
soft compost /soil I added.  I'm not sure what to do with the side shoots.

To harvest my potatoes I will loosen the chicken wire and reach inside the soft soil to retrieve my potatoes. I should be able to do this easily without risking damage caused when you use a shovel or spade to dig in traditional trenches. I'm also working on companion planting in my garden, so that is why you see  horseradish - that tall green plant -- on the same row as my potatoes. Horseradish helps deter bugs that like to attack potatoes.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the horseradish sprouts this spring after our drought and relentless heat last summer. I'll update on progress of spuds in coming weeks.


  1. I am delighted to see your horseradish. That is a Yankee staple and I didn't think it would grow here. You've made me very happy!!!

  2. Too cool!! You are on your way to never having to visit a traditional grocery store again!!

  3. Leddy - I took a chance and it has survived so far. I want to try rhubarb too.

    Dee Dee - I would love to ditch the grocery store!