Monday, May 21, 2012

Kandy Korn in May

I planted my corn (Kandy Korn variety)  in late March from seeds started indoors several weeks earlier in peat pots. Corn does not transplant well according to my resources, but the peat pots worked great. I was worried about another hot and dry summer, so I worked and planned so that I could harvest in May and early June instead of July.  By July of last year most crops were lost due to the drought and excessive heat.

Tonight,  I picked about 32 ears of corn. I only found one worm and one cob with slight damage.  My crop has produced better than last year  -- likely due to more spring rains and supplementing additional drinks with soaker hoses placed between the rows covered in mulch. Last year much of my corn was lost to pesky worms. I was more vigilant this year in protecting my crop. I have been picking as many bugs as possible.  I also tried a new trick/tip. I  put a drop of mineral oil in the corn silk soon after it appeared. I have read this is a good deterrent because the worm suffocates. It appears to have helped. Batch #1 planting didn't get as tall as the Batch #2 planting. Warm sunny days make a big difference. Lessons learned for another year.....

Brody and I shucked the corn, and I blanched most of it and put 2 - 1 quart bags stuffed full in the freezer.  I saved about 8 ears for supper tomorrow night.  I sampled a few stray kernels and was very pleased with the fresh sweet flavor. It was perfect after a quick blanch.

Before I picked tonight.

The harvest!

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  1. Oh, man!!!! I'm coming to your house for dinner! Yum! Great job!