Monday, January 16, 2012

Garden Update

As I work on planning and creating my garden for the upcoming year, I have been checking my seed inventory.  I don't plan to start plants from seed this year due to mediocre results experienced last year.  One needs to have a green house or at least a growing light.  I'm not there yet. . . I will  direct seed most things, but will definitely buy my  pepper and tomato plants.  Two seed companies I have ordered from in the past are Seed Savers Exchange and Southern States Corporation.

Due to our on-going drought conditions, I have conservative plans this year.  I'm working now  to have the rows ready to go (measured, raked, weeded, etc.) and at the first hint of rain, I will plant  seeds (i.e. turnips carrots, lettuces, radishes, kale, arugula, chard, peas, cabbage, etc.) in succession for an early spring crop.   If we remain dry, obviously my seeds won't germinate and any transplants will perish.  If that happens, I will consider plans for summer seeds/plants. In the meantime I will keep hoping and praying for rain. 
This was a three day weekend for me, and we were blessed with mild temperatures and sunny skies.  I took advantage of the weather and got some tasks completed.  My son and I went to Home Depot and bought some manure/humus mix to put over my row of asparagus.  While at the Depot, I had saw some new plants in the herb section of the garden center. . .  I bought several sugar pea plants and cabbage plants. I thought I bought some cauliflower, but once I got home, I only had cabbage -- oops.  Oh well.... maybe  next weekend the cauliflower will be there.  My son is working on getting stronger for football, so he unloaded 20 / 40 pound bags of manure and hauled them to the garden for me. Thank you Brody! 

Row of asparagus half completed. I removed the weeds, secured
the soaker hose and added a thick layer of compost.

Cabbage transplants. 

Sweet Pea transplants

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