Sunday, January 22, 2012

Learning to Sew

Alicia came home this weekend and we spent a little quality mom/daughter time making a pillow case. While out shopping Saturday, we picked up some cute material for this project.  Her interest in sewing is quite an amazing thing.  She was pretty busy with softball as a child/teenager, and never expressed any interest in this skill.  In order to keep her interest and to have a finished project in hand (quickly), I decided that a pillowcase would be a great beginner project for her.  

After dusting off my equipment, and getting things set up, I was able to help Alicia complete the project in about an hour.  As she makes plans to move to her own place as soon as this summer, I foresee more sewing projects in the near future. 

My daughter-in-law, Jhnea, wants to learn to sew as well.  I think we definitely need to get an assembly line going (2 machines??) and make some stuff together to beautify a room in need of improvement, or something cute for my favorite granddaughter.  Maybe I'll get to make some napkins and table runner for me too!

Alicia's project:

Great job Alicia!


  1. Good to see you passing this skill on.

  2. Thanks Linda! I hope I can help her get going, and have fun later doing joint projects for her home, etc.