Thursday, January 5, 2012

Succulents and Silver

When I saw the top picture above on, it caught my attention. I like old things arranged in interesting ways amongst new and modern things. After the holidays, my house seems so bare, so I thought I would add something vintage (with some green) to my home decor.  This week I went to a nearby antique shop on my lunch hour to search for interesting silver pieces.   It was my lucky day. I found two unique and ornate Victorian silver pieces and a nice tray with feet like the one above.  The bowl like pieces pictured second have wide openings and should work very well for this project. I looked at some cream and sugar serving pieces, but they seemed too small and narrow at the top and wouldn't have worked well. When the co-owner, Judy, told me her stuff was on sale for 25% off,  I couldn't pass up this deal!  I'll be looking around for a tall piece to complete the display.  This weekend, I'll be shopping for succulents for the pieces I have now.  Judy also mentioned they have lay-away. This could be a bad thing!!!

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