Saturday, January 14, 2012

Planning a Garden

It's January, and for me that means time to plan my garden.  March 16 is the average last frost date for our area. That is only two months/9 weeks away!!   This is the time to start seeds indoors, prepare/amend soil in the garden, repair/build supports for climbing plants, repair tools, etc. Some seeds (i.e. radishes, lettuces, etc.) can be sown directly now. 

Tonight I made a rough draft/plan for my spring and summer garden.  I have a 3-ring binder that includes notes from previous gardens, articles of interest, and pictures that inspire me. My notes help me keep track of what I planted - - where and when, which is essential so my crops can be rotated properly.  While rotating crops is important, planting vegetables and herbs with friendly companions (family members) is important to keep in mind too.  

My garden is a square and sectioned off in rows with a walk path in the middle (splitting the rows).  Ironically there is a form I use nearly everyday that I utilize to draw a plan of my garden.  Avery label template #5366 works very nicely for me because it is basically the shape of my garden!!!  I'm no artist and this form saves me lots of time, and keeps things organized and symmetrical!

While planning my garden, I try to envision the things my family will enjoy eating. Some things can be "put up" (canned) or processed and packaged for the freezer.  I hope to harvest a variety of things at their peak of freshness for us to enjoy immediately, and GOD willing, we will have extras to be saved and savored later this fall and winter.  

My garden sketch:

Some books I like and refer to regularly:

Helpful links you may like too:

Happy Gardening to you!  My mantra - Eat fresh, locally produced food as much as you can!!

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  1. Something for the pantry! Your plan is as neat as your garden!