Saturday, January 7, 2012

Work in the Garden

Texas weather is a tricky thing. It can change drastically at any given time.  Today was supposed to be a really nice day, so I got up fairly early to make the most of the good weather.  I pulled up dead plants from last year's garden  -- peppers, basil, tomatoes, vines, etc. All of the dead plants were put in my compost bin.  I trimmed my asparagus to the ground and will try to get a thick layer of manure on it next weekend.  My tomato cages were put in storage for use later this spring/summer.  I was able till the entire garden  in November, so with a little raking I was able to make some rows easily and plant today too!  Due to the ongoing drought, I am trying to show restraint and not plant any bushes or trees.  I planted 2 bunches of white onions, 6 pink peonies (roots), 12 purple coneflower (roots) today.  I also transplanted 4 peonies I had in another bed that needed to be moved.   There is a 100% chance of rain predicted for Monday. Please be right this time Mr. Weatherman!

Part of my garden before the clean up.  See the brown stuff in the back? It's gone now!

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